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Outsourced Expert Scanning

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Digital documents have powerful advantages for your business, such as finding, capturing and using their essential meta-data to help improve the way your business works. Viatek offers a way to digitise your documents with the Viatek Scan Bureau.

The Viatek Scan Bureau process:

Step 1:
Project Scoping

In a detailed assessment, we’ll scope out what’s involved and analyse your documents to determine the best approach.

Step 2:
Report of Recommendations

We will provide you with a report detailing our recommendations and your options, giving you the information to make the right decision.

Step 3:
Document Pickup

Your documents will be picked up by a secure courier. They will be treated as confidential freight and shipped directly to our facility.

Step 4:
Preparation and Processing

Our expert staff will prepare your documents for scanning by repairing creased documents, removing staples or separating bound documents.

Step 5:

We guarantee the best possible capture and completeness of your images by using high-resolution, industrial-grade hardware with built-in fail safes and security features.

Step 6:
Software Enhancement

We capture the meta-data on each document and can name and store your files with a pre-determined structure. We also have the ability to validate your files against spreadsheets and databases.

Step 7:
Digital Delivery and Destruction

Once scanned, we make your digital documents available for download from the cloud or provide them to you on a portable hard drive.