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Maryvale Private Hospital

“We had a vision to take Maryvale Private Hospital to an even better place for patient care as well as being able to offer overseas specialists who can consult and monitor their patients wherever they are. To do this, we needed to upgrade our network so that it would enable new applications, systems, and devices.”


Maryvale Private Hospital is a not-for-profit acute medical and surgical hospital located in Gippsland, Victoria. Known for their personalised care and highly skilled medical professionals, Maryvale leverages their expertise and new technologies to provide optimal patient outcomes. Since the hospital was established in 1991, they’ve cared for more than 55,000 patients, providing a comprehensive range of medical, surgical and consultation services.


Technological advancements in healthcare are occurring at an exponential rate. With a focus on providing the best care possible, Maryvale Private Hospital needed IT infrastructure that would support advancements in modern technologies and build capacity for future growth. The organisation was operating on a legacy network that was over a decade old and had limited ability to evolve and support new technological capabilities.

As with many healthcare companies worldwide, COVID-19 significantly fast-tracked the adoption of modern technology to provide alternate ways of care delivery and better preventative health solutions. The ability to issue digital prescriptions, provide remote consultations and follow up, as well as enabling spcialists to consult and monitor patients remotely has become extremely valuable.

Maryvale saw the opportunity to deploy a wide variety of new technologies including capital equipment, applications and devices resulting in changes to organisational practices enhancing communication and administration systems. The modernisation of their technology allowed the hospital to keep up to date with the evolving regulatory environments and accreditation standards.

“Healthcare is advancing in the digital space and COVID-19 has increased the speed of this change. Having a network that can support new equipment and applications is extremely important for operating an efficient hospital, providing positive patient experiences and allows exploration of alternate ways to support health care delivery.”


Maryvale Private Hospital chose Viatek for their network upgrade because of their close proximity to the hospital and experienced team who had the expertise to provide a fully managed service. Viatek’s networking solution featured Aruba technology, including switches and access points, all managed through Aruba Central. Viatek are now managing all Maryvale’s IT and communications requirements as a managed service which includes a combination of on-site and remote support.
“The team at Maryvale wanted to partner with a local company that understood our business and provided personalised support. As our IT requirements grow through our current redevelopment, Viatek will continue to grow with us. After almost 3 years, the Viatek support team are an integrated part of our wider team. This relationship is very important to the organisation, and we now have an extensive IT agreement with them.”

Viatek worked closely with Maryvale’s executive team to complete the upgrade after hours to ensure minimal impact on operations. The entire infrastructure was completed within a 6-month period, including computer and server replacements.


Having a reliable network in place that is secure and helps maintain critical systems is crucial in the health industry. With a streamlined, scalable, and modern network in place, Maryvale Private Hospital now has a strong foundation for growth and innovation. The solution simplified their infrastructure from a range of networking device brands to a streamlined setup, all managed by Viatek through Aruba Central. This provides greater security and network visibility, as well as empowering Maryvale to achieve their goal of providing better care through new technology.

“The hospital has moved from limited capability to limitless capability. I’m confident that our network will now be able to support ongoing growth opportunities and future developments which is an incredibly exciting step for us.”

The new Aruba networking solution has enabled Maryvale to implement an IP-based phone system with mobile handsets, reducing phone traffic and empowering work-from-home arrangements. Their network can also now support remote monitoring tools for Specialists to review cardiac monitoring of admitted patients over a secure Wi-Fi network, and a better patient administration system. On top of this, they will implement a new tracking system for the management of instrument/equipment sterilisation.

With a standard operating environment now in place, the hospital can easily expand existing configurations to work on new devices. It removes complexity, breaking down barriers to innovation. Viatek also implemented Aruba ClearPass for device security, visibility, control, and attack response.

“The experience has been very good. Viatek are a great local provider with a personal touch. Their team is available and responsive, as well as having a wealth of Aruba knowledge and expertise. They’ve even been able to provide interim solutions for supply shortages and have a strong partnership with Aruba that allowed them to escalate some delays to help us get what we needed.”


With a new network in place, Maryvale are agile and ready to embrace new opportunities in the health technology space including implementing more cloud-based solutions.

“It’s an exciting time for healthcare. Maryvale is in the middle of a change cycle and we’ve already made significant and positive changes to the hospital – this will see the hospital complete its $16m redevelopment to double surgical capacity with the opening of two new theatres, implement a new theatre recovery, 19-day care beds and a significant expansion of consulting services. There’s a lot of advancements to come with new technology to deliver care in a more efficient and streamlined way – for example, enhancing the patient’s experience by reducing wait times from process refinement/automation, completing pre-admission paperwork online, and integration to MyHealthRecord for provision of discharge information to General Practitioners. Plus, the ability to provide telehealth options for patients is also an important step in breaking down the barriers to people accessing the care they need.”

“By partnering with Viatek, we’ve created a foundation that we can build on and feel confident going into the future. We’re thrilled to have their team along for the journey and look forward in what’s to come.”

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