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Managed Services

Viatek | Ballarat
Effective management of a technology stack is essential to ensure peak performance. Viatek’s Managed Services solutions deliver comprehensive oversight of an entire IT infrastructure.
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Our areas of focus include:

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24/7 National Service Desk

This fully Australian-based service operates around the clock to provide comprehensive support for all clients. We understand that situations can change at any given time, and strive to be able to engage with, communicate with and support our clients around the clock to provide guidance, regardless of the situation.

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Proactive Monitoring and Management

We deploy a range of industry-leading tools within our client’s IT environments to ensure effective IT infrastructure management. Maintenance and monitoring of the IT operations management is important to streamline processes and keep a business operation up and running day in and day out. With our IT infrastructure management services, we are consistent with our maintenance and implement changes to keep everything running smoothly. We will handle the technological aspects of your company while you can focus on other processes. Infrastructure management can be made easy, and monitored around the clock by our highly qualified team of professionals and consultants
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Knowledge Management and Reporting

As a managed IT service provider, we provide a comprehensive database that is a valuable resource storing details of all work completed for clients. IT operations management is dependent on documentation and data for all aspects of daily operations. This data can be accessed to be analysed, documented and reported for effective results in the future and is important for the decision-making process in a business.
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Monthly reporting

Consistent engagement and a relationship with the client are key aspects lacking in many IT managed services companies. At Viatek, every IT managed services client receives a set of reports each month that highlight performance. This enables the client to look over the work we have done including data from IT operations management and infrastructure changes. The client will always be in the loop when it comes to their operation and what exactly we are doing to help as a managed IT service provider. Employ effective IT infrastructure management and know your business while focusing on other aspects of your operation
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Fixed monthly costs

Viatek clients do not have to worry about bill shock, thanks to a fixed monthly cost agreement. Transparency is a key value for us here at Viatek, and our clients are told upfront about costs with no hidden fees in the middle. We do not believe in deceiving our clients, and what you see is what you will get for our services.
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Optional service delivery manager

If a client chooses, they can have access to their own service delivery manager. One on one engagement is vital to some clients, and we understand this requirement perfectly and are happy to provide access to a personal service delivery manager. Our service delivery managers will be able to provide sound guidance for businesses and help to make decisions which lead to success.
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On-Demand Access to Consultants

When a client’s needs for technical support increase, Viatek can source and manage additional consultants to meet demand. Circumstances often change, and IT infrastructure management and IT operations management may require further resources to keep up with growth and upscaling of companies. Access to consultants can be granted to ensure that resources are distributed correctly to maintain operational ability while going through periods of change.

Why choose us?

As a managed IT services provider, Viatek provides consistent and effective IT infrastructure management for their clients. These services will not only help to make changes and deploy important operational packages, but also help to maintain and provide support for ongoing technology solutions. Customer engagement and communication is a crucial aspect of our process, and we strive to keep clients updated through regular reporting per month of changes and performance in our IT operations management. In doing so, clients are able to see the effect and results of our involvement whilst ensuring operational success is maintained. Data is communicated to allow for effective reporting and analysis, to allow for any changes to be made based on this. With a variety of different support and software packages available for deployment and integration into current infrastructure, in conjunction with our qualification and ability to do so properly, Viatek remains the best option for businesses looking to take their operations and infrastructure to the next level of efficiency.

For effective IT solutions and management of operations and infrastructure, look no further than Viatek.