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Public Cloud

Viatek | Newcastle
The rise of cloud services means organisations can now ‘rent’ the compute and storage capacity they require and scale them to match demands. To provide the most cost-effective IT platforms for clients, Viatek has gained a comprehensive understanding of what the public could has to offer.
row of servers in a server room

Our areas of focus include:

Microsoft 365

Viatek specialises in the deployment and ongoing management of modern workplace solutions from Microsoft 365

Migration to Azure

Viatek can convert existing applications into an Azure-native format, allowing them to run in the Microsoft cloud

Hybrid cloud infrastructure

The team can design and deploy a hybrid infrastructure that links cloud-based applications and resources with those that remain on premise

Monitoring and Cost Management

Viatek’s managed services team can closely monitor your public-cloud resources and ensure they are operating effectively 24/7

Disaster Recovery and Backups

The Viatek team can create Azure-based DR capabilities and arrange for automatic backups to be undertaken either in real time or at pre-agreed intervals