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Public Cloud

Viatek | Newcastle

The rise of cloud services means organisations can now ‘rent’ the compute and storage capacity they require and scale them to match demands. To provide the most cost-effective IT platforms for clients, Viatek has gained a comprehensive understanding of what the public cloud has to offer. While utilising partnerships to provide assured Microsoft cloud storage solutions that are scalable, secure, and relevant.

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Our areas of focus include:

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Microsoft 365

Viatek specialises in the deployment and ongoing management of modern workplace solutions from Microsoft 365 and its integration with Microsoft cloud storage solutions.
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Migration To Azure

Viatek can convert existing applications into an Azure-native format, allowing them to be utilised fully in Microsoft Cloud Storage capacities.
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Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Our team can design and deploy a hybrid infrastructure that links cloud-based applications and resources with those that remain on premises.
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Monitoring and Cost Management

Viatek’s managed services team can closely monitor your Microsoft cloud storage related resources and ensure they are operating effectively 24/7.
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Disaster Recovery and Backups

The Viatek team can create Azure-based DR capabilities and arrange for automatic backups to be undertaken either in real time or at pre-agreed intervals.

A Modern Solution:

The notion of cloud-based application and data storage has become synonymous with progression and forward-thinking. As a rapidly evolving area, there have been notable increases in business potential and communicative prowess resulting from the implementation of various solutions.

The adaptation of these new technologies is not only welcomed, they’re fast becoming a necessary staple in a variety of contexts. The applicable benefits of systems such as Microsoft cloud storage and Azure cloud services are present across all industries in veritable ways.

Industry Applications:

For instance, the manufacturing sector stands to gain immeasurable benefits with effective integration of an Azure cloud service. Manufacturers often keep a close eye on trends and relevant changes in the status quo by utilising cloud-based applications, not only for easy accessibility across a company, but for effective data storage and processing ability present in such Microsoft cloud storage systems available.

Leaders in the Agricultural sector stand to garner huge returns by utilising these systems as well. The conveniences of modernity are found with Microsoft cloud storage and relevant services, allowing large scale farmers and creators to effectively manage a multitude of strategies and regulatory changes across multiple locations with ease.

The Healthcare Sector have already seen tremendous results from implementing a secure system. Through public and private cloud integration, there is unparalleled scalability potential. In times of crisis where data and information is an essential aspect for operations, a fully-scalable system that is secure and accessible is immeasurably beneficial.

Financial institutions have adopted the use of these systems rather effectively as well. As security and encryption methods have been modernised, the utilisation of cloud-based systems has made the finance industry more efficient, communicative and effective in their respective roles.

The Large-Scale Players:

As the technology becomes more and more essential for relevant utility across the industries, more larger scale players have entered the fray. Google has GCP, Amazon has AWS, and there is the Microsoft Cloud Storage Systems. These are a few of the big players who have recognised the inherent potential. Their massive-scale data centres will be the foundational blocks for the future of cloud-based computing and Viatek is here to ensure that each company receives the service it requires.

The Viatek Approach:

The Viatek team has extensive training in several facets relating to Microsoft cloud storage and Azure cloud services. The key driving force in Viatek is assuring the clients needs are being met, this is achieved by understanding the unique necessities each client has.

Out team can offer unprecedented assistance when it comes to resource delegation and general maintenance. This can include patches and security updates implementation as well as determining the necessary resources that are required and which ones can be turned off. This allows for more effective operational cost management.
Viatek have a continued commitment to our clients which separates us from competitors. Our experience with all aspects of public cloud implementation strategies ensure that our clients’ needs are met.

Whether it’s existing programs or applications to migrate into Azure formats, setup and maintain your Microsoft cloud storage system, or simply to answer any pertinent queries you may have about Azure security.

Viatek has the necessary knowledge, experience, and prowess to ensure that your issues have Viatek solutions.

If you’re still wondering how we can help your business build a better tomorrow, click below and get in contact today.