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Viatek | Geelong
With Information Technology at the heart of every modern business, keeping systems and data secure from constantly evolving cyber threats have never been more important. In this case, we’ve devised an application with the aim to safeguard your most important information. At Viatek, we understand the challenges of maintaining effective IT safety in a digital, interconnected world. We have worked with an extensive selection of different clients, where we design, deploy, and maintain protective defences that secure your business’ IT infrastructure, applications, and data. With our impressive range of services, we make sure each of our client’s cloud identity is shielded from any threats attacking their program.
At Viatek, we place the utmost importance on providing our customers with the finest IPS Protection and Network Firewall Security services that is second to none from our competitors. Our team are filled with qualified experts, more than capable of providing a full suite of services to their clients. From corporate databases to securing data on our client’s devices, we have an all-round service, catering to your needs.

At Viatek, our approach is guided by three key focus areas:

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Providing rapid identification of any threats and immediate steps to restore program and avoid disruption to the business. In an instant, we will safeguard your data from allowing any virus or malware to gain entry.
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Network Firewall Security and IPS Protection

Through the deployment and administration of firewalls, filtering, and traffic monitoring to spot threats before they can cause damage. We place the best preventative and safety measures to keep all your data safe.
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Endpoint and Application Compliance

Ensuring all client devices are secure and able to withstand any cyberthreats. From your computer, laptop, mobile, and tablet, all your devices will be safe and tucked away from any other malware.

Why Choose Viatek?


To be of value to a business, IT programs, and data must be available at all times. We work to ensure measures are in place that protect resources while also ensuring they are usable and accessible by all. This allows work to be done when needed and required. With our advanced IPS Protection features, our program is available round-the-clock to ensure your data has all its most important information locked and guarded for safekeeping. This means any intruders will not have any way of accessing your information. Our incident response system ensures any threats will be actioned immediately to prevent productivity loss within the business. Using our state-of-the-art identity management system, we can guarantee that any threats whether or not it is a worm, viruses, denial of service (DOS) or distributed denial of service (DDOS) can’t surpass our premium network firewall security.


We guarantee with our program your IT systems and data will only be made available by those with the authority to do so. We follow the approach of ‘least privilege’ where customers are given entry to perform their duties. Our safety features utilise deployment and administration of network firewall security, filtering, and traffic monitoring to spot threats before they can cause damage. Our highly advanced identity management system uses techniques such as multi-factor authentication to ensure that only authorised parties can enter into digital resources. Through our user access management portal, our team can guarantee that all your most important information will be available to those who are allowed to enter into the application.


We go the extra mile to ensure that your private information and data can always be trusted. Nothing will be altered by unauthorised parties or in an undetected manner – we are on the case! Our user access management system will allow you to oversee how our program is keeping all your data shielded from any virus, worm, or other malware from gaining entry into your most private information. Our incredibly experienced and friendly team, all professional engineers in the field, are there to safeguard your cloud identity, allowing your applications and work productivity to be running at a smooth pace and at a reasonable rate.

At Viatek, we are one-stop business provider for all your technology and print solution needs. In addition to our IT safety solutions, we also offer support in communications, SAP, hardware, documents, scanning, and other many other technical services. Our team of experts place the utmost priority on our clients, making sure they are safe and relaxed knowing that they have someone on the case to provide first-rate technical support their business. With Viatek at your side, we can guarantee your business productivity will remain afloat, allowing you to focus on the much more important tasks.