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Private Cloud

Viatek | Bairnsdale

Viatek has built a private cloud using resources housed in two geographically dispersed datacentres. This cuts out the complexity of public cloud infrastructures while also delivering clear compute and storage tiers at fixed rates and with no unpredictable operating costs.

row of servers in a server room

Our areas of focus include:

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Cloud virtual firewall

Connectivity to the Viatek private cloud is protected at all times by a managed virtual firewall appliance
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Cloud hypervisor

Our hypervisor capabilities can be self-managed or placed in the hands of our management team
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Cloud infrastructure

Dubbed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), this offering provides clients with a solution that is fully managed by Viatek from the hypervisor layer down
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Cloud desktop

As part of its private cloud portfolio, Viatek offers a fully managed cloud desktop that delivers a secure and completely isolated environment for each client
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Cloud backups

Our fully managed cloud backup service is integrated seamlessly into our private cloud backbone
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Cloud disaster recovery

Our comprehensive cloud DR service offers protection for critical workloads from system outages or other events